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Create labels to group your documents and folders. Labeling your documents will help you organize them better and make searching for particular folders or documents easier via Advanced Search. You can add as many labels as you want to any document or folder.

Create a label

  • Select a document you want to label

  • Click on the Labels button

  • Select Create new label

  • Fill in its Name and confirm with Create - the document will be labeled with your new label automatically

Create a label

Add a label

  • Select the documents and/or folders you want to apply the label to

  • Click on Labels

  • Tick the label/s you want to add

Add a label

Remove label

  • Select document with a label

  • Click on the Labels button

  • Untick the desired label

Filter documents via label

  • Select a document with a label

  • Open the document’s detail view

  • Click on the label you want to search for

  • All documents and folders with said label are displayed


  • Open Advanced search

  • Select a label and click Search


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