Context Menu

The Context Menu contains all of the actions you can perform with the currently selected document. Not all of the actions listed will always show in the menu, as some of them may not be available.

The Context menu will only be visible if there is more than one action available for you. If there is only one type of action possible, the system will display the action button directly and will not show a dropdown.


Sign the document


Forward the document to someone else


Reject to sign the document 


Send a reminder to all recipients or the recipient whose action is required next.
Learn more about reminders.

New request

Completed and Failed documents can be easily reused in a single step with the New Request button.

This enables you to send the same document with the same configuration of eSigning fields to a different recipient quickly without having to upload the document again or create a template first.

Audit Trail

Opens an audit trail of the document, which can then be printed and/or downloaded. The audit trail contains the Document name, Document ID, Status, QR Code, and a full history of edits and actions.


Share a document internally or with external recipients. There are multiple different options for sharing.

Send by mail

Send the document to registered users or external recipients via email.

Attach file

Availability: Team and Enterprise edition

Attach a file (image, another document, anything you want) to the document you’re sharing.

Email attachment

Circularo also offers the option to add and view your email conversation as an attachment to a document (.eml and .msg formats). After attaching an email message, you will see it in preview next to the document under Attachments.

After clicking on the email attachment, a new window will open with the email preview.


Availability: Team and Enterprise edition

In Circularo, you have the option to link related documents to each other. Linked documents will show up in document preview in the Detail tab. 

Add a link

  1. select a document
  2. Select the Link action
  3. select documents which should be linked together and click on the Link icon
  4. Finish linking

Remove a link

  1. click on the document you want to remove a link from
  2. in the detail view under Links, remove the link by clicking on the Unlink cross

Add to Starred

Same as adding a Star to the document. You will be able to find all the documents with a star in the Starred section.


Print the document directly from the app.


Unsigned documents

There are two different options for downloading documents which have not had any action taken on them (Created status). 

Download downloads the document in its original format (image format, MS Office format etc.)

This option is only available for documents which weren’t in a PDF format originally. 

Download as PDF downloads the document in a PDF format regardless of its original format. For this type of download, you can also set up PDF protection.

Other documents

Documents that have been used in any way and have any status other than Created (regardless of whether they’re completed or in progress) can be downloaded in a .pdf format together with their audit trails. 

You will be asked whether you want to download the document, its audit trail, or both, and whether you would like to combine them into one file. 

Merged document download

Availability: Team and Enterprise edition

In Team and other advanced Circularo versions, it is possible to merge documents and then download them together or separately. 

There are a couple of different options for downloading merged documents:

  1. All - You can download all files within the merged document and the audit trail together in a .zip file
  2. Choosing which partial documents you want to download separately
  3. Combine all PDFs into one file - download the merged document as one PDF file

Create copy

Create a copy of the document which will be then stored in your Folders.

Edit details

Change Document validity, its Destination folder, or add Labels.

Move to folder…

Move the document to a different folder.


Give your document a new name. The previous name of a renamed document will show in the document’s history.


Deleted documents and folders are moved to Trash, from where you can Restore them or Delete them forever.