Status Overview

In the Documents section, you get a complete overview of your documents and their statuses. 

The number displayed next to the tab name is the total number of documents in the folder. Bold numbers indicate the number of unread documents and those that are waiting for an action. 

Documents can be filtered into 5 categories based on their status:


Displays all documents.

Waiting for others

Displays documents which are assigned to other users for you to check their details and progress  - how many recipients have signed, how many signatures are pending, etc. 

You have the option to send a reminder to everyone who still needs to sign a particular document. There are also Share and Send by mail actions available in the dropdown menu.

Assigned to me

Displays documents which have been assigned to you to take some action on.


Displays documents which have been signed or approved by all parties and there is no further action to be taken on them.

You are, however, able to initiate a New request for a completed document. A new copy of the document will be created and you will be able to send it to other users.


Displays documents which have been Rejected or have Expired.

When a document reaches its processing deadline with no action having been taken on it, its status changes to Expired.

When a user rejects to sign a document, the document gains a Rejected status.