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Sidebar menu

Sidebar menu

Just like in Circularo for PC, the mobile app has its own version of the Action Menu. It can be accessed by clicking on the three lines symbol at the top left of your screen.

Sidebar menu

This menu is different from the Action Menu on PC and contains different items and sections tailored for mobile use.


Takes you back to your mobile Home Page.

Waiting for others

Opens a list of documents that you own or have been shared with you, and are waiting to be processed by someone else than yourself.

The Waiting for others category can also be accessed directly from your Home Page.


Your Inbox contains all documents requiring your attention. It can also be accessed directly from your Home Page.

Unopened documents will show on a light blue background and open ones will have a white background, so you always can easily recognize what's new.


Here you will find all documents that have been signed by all parties and don't require any further action.


In this section, you can see all documents that haven't been successfully signed. This could be either because at least one of the recipients rejected to sign (Rejected status), or because the processing deadline had not been met (Expired status).

Expires soon

Documents in this section are currently in a signing process and 3 days or less before their processing deadline.


Here you can access all your private (personal ) Folders.

Shared Folders

Availability: Business and Enterprise

Here you can access all organization-level Shared Folders.


A list of all favorite documents you have marked with a star.


Displays all documents that have been used or added recently.


Displays all documents you have shared with someone else (another Circularo user or an external recipient) through either a signature request or the Share feature.


Here you can access your mobile settings and also create your default signature and initials.

Mobile settings

These are simplified settings. If you need to make any significant changes or adjustments to your overall Circularo experience, please open the app on your PC instead and go to your Preferences.


Select your default language.

Image capture quality

Select the default quality of documents captured with your phone camera.

  • low

  • high

  • full - no conversion, same quality as the original picture (depends on your built-in camera dimensions)

Keep me logged in

Switch to yes if you want to stay logged into Circularo on your mobile device until you log out manually.

Create signature

Create and save your default signature.

Create signature

You will see the following tabs:

  • Saved - Displays your current default signature.

  • Draw - Use your finger or a stylus to draw your signature. Select a preferred color.

  • Type - Type your name and select a signature font, size, and color you like.

Create initials

Default initials can be created in the exact same way as signatures.

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