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Review and Send

In the last step of the signing process, you have the option to review the document and its recipients before sending it out. Set up a processing deadline, reminders, protection against unauthorized access, or leave a message for the recipients before you send the document on its way.

Review and send


Before sending out the document, you will be given the option to write a message for the recipients where you can sum up what’s going on, what you’ve already done, and what you want the next person to do.

Once the document is sent, the message will show up as a comment.


It will also show up in the email notification recipients receive.

Email notification - comment

Set processing deadline

You have the opportunity to set up a deadline for the document to be processed.

If a recipient doesn't sign the document before the expiration date, the document will expire and won’t be accessible to any of its recipients anymore.

Processing deadline

You can choose the document's lifespan to range between 1 day and 6 months, or select a custom deadline date from the calendar.

Set protection

The Set protection button enables you to add an extra level of security to a document by setting protections to verify the recipient's identity. Circularo currently offers various different verification options.

  • Password protection

  • SMS protection

  • Mail protection

  • OAuth

Keep in mind that it is possible to only use one of the options and that all of them are only available for the identity verification of external (non-registered) recipients.

Set protections

Password protection

Create a password which only you and the intended recipient know and agree on. The recipient will be asked to enter the password to access the document.

SMS protection

Availability: Enterprise

Enter the recipient's phone number. If the recipient is saved as your Contact, their number will be automatically pre-filled.

The recipient will receive a text message with a PIN code to unlock the document.

Mail protection

The recipients receive their PIN code via email. The code will be delivered to the same email address as the document.

OAuth Verification

Choose a third-party app such as Google, Microsoft, or LinkedIn, and ask the recipient to verify their identity through their account.

OAuth verification

Please keep in mind that this doesn't work if the recipient uses a different email address for their 3rd party account from the one they use for Circularo.

View protections

To see if the document was protected when shared and how, navigate to the Progress Timeline. If the document was protected when shared, it will show a little lock icon next to the event.

Hover over the icon to see which verification method was used.

Protected document

Set reminders

Under the Set reminders button, you can schedule reminders to be automatically sent to anyone who has pending documents waiting for them to process.

The day on which the reminders start, as well as the time interval between two reminders, can be customized.

Set reminders

Annotate on reject

Availability: Business and Enterprise

Annotation in the rejection step must be allowed by the document’s creator in the review step before sending out the document.

Annotate on reject

The recipient will have the option to reject the document with annotations on top of the usual reject option.

Processing in the background

After you hit Finish, the signing process will start. If you are participating, your signature will be added and the document will be sent to the next recipient or recipients.

background process.png

Let the signing process run in the background

Depending on how large the file you are processing is and some other factors, the signing process can take a while to finalize.

During this time, feel free to exit this screen and let the process run in the background. You can also initiate another process and have them run simultaneously.

Do not, however, exit the Circularo app

background process 2.png

Processing status

You will always be informed about the status of your documents in the bottom right corner of your screen.

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