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MS Word add-in

By installing the Circularo for Microsoft Word add-in, you will be able to send your documents directly from Word to Circularo to either archive them in their original .docx format or convert them to .pdf and sign them straight away.

This saves you multiple steps of saving the document to your PC and then uploading it to Circularo manually.


To install the add-in, simply download, unzip it, click on the setup icon, and allow the installation. The add-in should then appear in your MS Word automatically, no additional configuration is needed.

If you have any issues with the installation, scroll down for help.

The following 5 icons will appear in your MS Word:

Sign into Circularo

When you first start using the add-in, you will be asked to sign into your Circularo account. You only have to do this once.

Archive document

Clicking on this icon will send your document to Circularo in its original MS Word .doc/.docx format.

When the upload is finished, clicking on the document name will direct you to its location in Circularo.

Sign document

This feature will convert your document to PDF and initiate the eSigning process in Circularo.

Clicking on the document name will take you to the Select who needs to sign page in Circularo where you can pick one of the main eSigning options. There is also an additional option to turn your document into a template.


Clck on the Settings icon to see info about your current Circularo session, along with the option to Sign out.

You can also access Advanced settings or Reset settings from here.


This will open a new window with the summary of all actions you have used the Circularo add-in for historically. This will include the times you have used the MS Outlook add-in as well.


Clicking on Help will open a window containing a link to this help center and a Crcularo support email address.


There are several known issues that may occur when installing this add-in. Here's how to easily fix them.

Non-English characters in destination file name

If you are unable to install the add-in, check if the destination folder of your downloaded file (or any of its parent folders in the hierarchy in your PC) contains a non-english alphabetical character such as á, é, í, ó, ú, etc.

The solution to this issue is to simply rename the folder or move the setup file.

Unlicensed MS Office

You need to have a fully licensed MS Office product to have full access to its app features, including the add-in.

Outdated MS Word

The add-in may not work if your Word app is out of date.

The solution to this issue is to update your app or uninstall and re-install your MS Office.

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