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How to fill and sign PDF forms

PDF forms have never been easier to process. Upload your existing forms to Circularo and turn them into templates you can reuse over and over again.

Here's a step-by-step on how to upload, fill, sign, and reuse your PDF forms in Circularo.

Step 1: Upload a PDF form

Upload your PDF form to Circularo like you would any other document. Then select recipients - if you want to use the form as a template with different recipients, you can change the recipient later.

Upload PDF form

Select recipients

Keep in mind that only single-user forms can currently benefit from automatic field recognition.

It is, of course, possible to add multiple parties/recipients to your PDF form but all fields will be automatically assigned to one person. You can then select them and reassign them to the correct recipient manually.

Step 2: Check automatically recognized fields

Circularo will automatically recognize signature and fillable fields your PDF form contains and replace them with their Circularo equivalents.

Still though, make sure to doublecheck that everything got recognized correctly and if not, adjust the form manually so that it looks the way you want it to.

Automatic field detection depends on multiple factors, mostly related to the way the form was originally prepared.

PDF forms come in many different formats and because of that, Circularo currently cannot 100% guarantee that all fields will be recognized.

Step 3: Fill in fields

Fill in the prepared fields. If you are creating a template for future use, you can leave some fields empty and fill them in when actually using the template.

If you are signing right away, all fields you leave empty will be removed from the document.

Fields & signature

Step 4: Add your signature

Signature fields should also get recognized automatically. If not, you can always add your signature, initials, or stamp manually. You need to add a signature field even if you are preparing a template.

Step 5: Sign or create a template

Sign your PDF form by pressing Finish or use the Save as template button instead.

Sign or Save

When creating a template you want to reuse with different people, make sure not to assign the role to the recipient (switch toggle off).

Save template

Like any other document, signed form can be later turned into a template and used with different recipients as well. You can either assign roles to individual recipients or choose to not specify the recipients at all and select them when actually using the template.

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