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Deadlines, Validity & Reminders

Deadline and Validity are two very different concepts in Circularo.

Setting document validity happens during the document upload. It means that the document probably needs to be renewed or is obsolete once a certain date is reached.

On the other hand, setting up a document processing deadline happens during the signing process and it means that recipients would not be able to process (sign, approve…) or access that particular document once the request has expired.

To make sure that recipients meet the deadline, you may choose to send them a Reminder - a notification reminding them that they should process your request soon.


The Validity feature exists to help you manage documents that require actions after a certain amount of time and documents that need some kind of renewal or are subject to an expiration date.

It also makes searching for these documents easier because you can filter documents by Validity in Advanced Search.

Set the document’s validity

  • New Document

  • Upload and set document details

  • Click on the Calendar icon and choose Valid until date


Change the validity of a document

  • Open Document Preview

  • Click on Edit details

  • Click on the calendar icon in the Validity field

  • Change Validity as necessary

Change validity


Processing deadline is a specific date by which the signing process has to be finalized.

Set processing deadline

Deadlines can be specified during the last step of the signing process initiation. Setting a processing deadline is optional and if you don’t choose to set one, recipients will have indefinite amount of time to process your request.

Set processing deadline

When setting your document’s processing deadline, you can either use predefined time periods, or choose a specific date from the calendar.

Processing deadline

What happens when recipients don’t meet the deadline?

  • The signing process will be unsuccessful

  • The document will gain a Failed status

  • Recipients will lose access to the document

  • The only way sign the document successfully is to initiate a new signing process (New Request)


You can Remind the recipients of your documents that they need to process them.

Reminders can be sent to participants who have received a document but haven’t processed it yet. The recipient will receive a notification with a link that will lead them to the awaiting action step.

Waiting for others - reminder

Remind recipients

  1. Open Documents

  2. Go to the Waiting for others tab, and choose a document that is being currently processed

  3. Click Remind

  4. A window will open to confirm the action and send a reminder to the next recipient

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