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Adding documents - Upload / Capture / Sign

You can upload existing digital documents to Circularo from your mobile device, as well as capture them in their paper form with your phone camera and digitize them through Circularo.

You will be able to sign uploaded documents. It is, however, not currently possible to send them to other recipients on mobile.

To sign with multiple parties, open the app on your PC and use the We Sign option.


If you select the Upload option on your Home Page or click on the blue + button, you will be able to upload a new document from your device.

Make sure you are uploading your document in a supported format.

Upload new document

Your document will be uploaded into the Mobile Uploads folder unless specified otherwise. In the next step, you will be able to set the validity of your document, add labels, and add attachments.

Upload document

To finish uploading, press Create.

If you want to upload a document and sign it straight away, use the Sign option on your Dashboard instead.


By clicking Capture on your Home Page, you will be able to open your phone camera to take a picture of a document, upload it to Circularo, and sign it digitally later - either from mobile or from desktop.

Capturing a document

Take a picture of your document.

It will be uploaded in a picture (.jpg) format into your Mobile Uploads folder. You will be able to rename it, set its validity, add labels, and add attachments.

If your smartphone has a built-in scanner, you will be able to make your captured document look similar to this:

Document scan

Otherwise, the original picture will upload.

Original picture upload

You will be able to sign the document in both of these instances. Unless specified otherwise upon upload, you can find your captured document in the Mobile Uploads folder. JPG format will be converted to PDF after adding a signature.

If you want to capture a document and sign it straight away, use the Sign option instead.


You are able to add your own signature to any document you upload to Circularo on mobile. If the document isn't in a PDF format originally, it will be automatically converted.

It is currently not possible to send signature requests or sign with multiple parties on mobile.

To upload and sign a document in one go, choose the Sign option on your Home Page.

To sign a document you have already previously uploaded, open its preview, click on the three dots in the top right corner of your screen, and select Sign.



Click anywhere on the document to open the field selection. Most fields that are available on PC are also available on mobile.

Add fields

By clicking on a field, you will place it onto the document.

Place and resize fields

You can then adjust the size and the position of each field.

Once you have added and filled in all the necessary fields, click Finish.

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