Document Properties

On the right hand side of the document preview, there is a panel containing important information about the document, along with a couple action buttons allowing you to further work with it or access even more detailed information. 

The actions available depend on your account settings and rights, and the type of document you are viewing. 


The Detail tab contains basic information about the document, (created by, date created, type, workflow status, tags, attachments, links, etc.)


Availability: Enterprise

Metadata is the information about the contents and details of a document that is stored alongside each document in Circularo. Document metadata differs between document types and it can be accessed through the Detail tab by clicking on the Show custom fields button.


You can add comments to each document in the Comments tab of the detail view. These comments can be mandatory in some cases.

In a comment, you can @mention someone to send them a notification (@name), or reference a different document in the system using a hashtag (#documentname).


The Activity tab contains the document audit log. It displays all actions that have been done with the document as well as who and when performed which action.