Deadlines and Validity

There are two distinct expiration/validity concepts in Circularo. One type is related to document validity itself and the other one is related to document processing deadlines.

Setting document validity means that such document probably needs to be renewed or is obsolete once the validity date is reached.

On the other hand, setting up a document processing deadline means that the recipients would not be able to execute any actions (e.g. sign) on that particular document once the request has expired.


The Validity feature exists to help you manage documents that require actions after a certain amount of time and documents that need some kind of renewal or are subject to any sort of expiration date. It also makes searching for these documents easier because Validity can be filtered in Advanced Search.

Set document’s validity

  1. New Document
  2. Upload and set document details
  3. Click on Calendar icon and choose Validity date

Change the validity of a document

  1. Open Document Preview
  2. Click on Edit details
  3. Click on Calendar icon in Validity field
  4. Change Validity as necessary


In Circularo, the term Expiration is reserved for referring to a situation in which an action (e.g. Sign) needs to be executed by a specific date - the expiration date (deadline). 

Set expiration date

Expiration dates can be specified during the signing process if necessary. 

When setting your document’s expiration date, you can either use predefined fixed durations, or choose a specific date from the calendar.


Circularo allows users to Remind an action to participants who have received a document but haven’t taken any action on it yet. The reminded participant will receive a notification with a link that will lead them to the awaiting action step.

Send reminder notification

  1. Open Documents, go to the Waiting for others tab, and choose a document waiting for an action.
  2. Click Remind.
  3. After hitting Remind, a window will open to confirm the action and send a reminder to the next recipient.