Audit trail / Certificate of Fulfilment

In Circularo, each document has its own Audit Trail showing its complete processing history and displaying all actions in chronological order, including the when, what, and who information.

The Audit Trail is a useful tool for verifying each and every action done to the document and preventing any unwanted modifications.

When a document has been completed (processed successfully), the audit trail changes into the Certificate of Fulfilment, which provides additional info about the transaction that took place. 

Access the audit trail

  1. Find your document in the Documents section
  2. Click on the arrow to expand the context menu
  3. Select Audit trail from the menu

Alternatively, you can also access the audit trail from the context menu in Document preview.

Content of the Audit Trail

QR code

QR code leads to either the document preview or the verification page based on the settings of your organization.

Document ID

The Document ID (or DocID) can be used to verify whether a document was created or signed in Circularo 

General Overview

The general overview outlines basic information about the document. It also contains a link to the verification page, where you can validate the document and the signatures it contains.

Detailed Audit Trail

This part provides a detailed event-by-event overview of the entire processing history of the document, from its creation in Circularo to the latest event.

The listed actions include edits, shares, views, or signatures, among others.

Certificate of Fulfilment

Audit Trail turns into a Certificate of Fulfilment once a transaction is completed (the signing process is finished either successfully (document Completed) or unsuccessfully (document Rejected)). 

The Certificate of Fulfilment contains everything a regular Audit Trail does plus two more sections. 

Transaction Details

An overview of the transaction that took place focused on its parameters and settings.

Transaction Summary

An overview of all actions executed by each participant throughout the transaction.

PLEASE NOTE: The geolocation stated in the transaction summary is based solely on the participants IP address. We do not have any information about the actual whereabouts of the participant.

Therefore, the location info in the Certificate of Fulfilment may differ from the actual location where the transaction took place in some edge cases. 

Download Audit Trail

At the top of the page, there are buttons to download or print the audit trail. 

When downloading a document, you will always be given a choice to download its audit trail as well, either as a separate PDF file, or in the same file as the document itself. You can download the audit trail only as well.