Audit trail

In Circularo, each document has its own audit trail that shows the complete history of said document and displays all acions done to it in a chronological order, including the when, what, and who information.

The audit trail is a useful tool for verifying each and every action done to the document and preventing any unwanted modifications.

Access the audit trail

  1. Find your document in the Documents section
  2. Click on the arrow to expand the context menu
  3. Select Audit trail from the menu

Alternatively, you can also access the audit trail from the context menu in Document preview.

Contains of the audit trail

In the top right corner, there are buttons that allow you to download or print the page.

Document name

Current name and format of the document

Document ID

Unique DocID of the document.


Current document status


The timezone reflecting all the timestamps within the audit trail

Verification link (QR Code)

The QR code is located in the top right corner and scanning it will take you to the verification page, where you will find out whether the signatures within the document are valid and whether it has been modified or not.

The same can be done without scanning the QR by entering the DocID on the verification page.


A list of all actions and modifications that were done to the document in chronological order, starting with the most recent one at the top and going all the way to the document's creation in Circularo at the very bottom.

Each row contains a simple description of what happened followed by details of the action and a timestamp with the exact date and time the action took place. This timestamp is in accordance with the abovementioned timezone.

The listed actions include edits, shares, views, or signatures, among others.

Download audit trail

At the top of the page, there are buttons to download or print the audit trail. 

When downloading a document, you will always be given a choice to download its audit trail as well, either as a separate PDF file, or in the same file as the document itself. You can download the audit trail only as well.