Action Menu

Quickly navigate and access all important sections of Circularo via the Action Menu.

New Document

The New Document button opens the central hub from where you can upload a document, create a new one from scratch, or select a template. 

Find out more in the Create a document chapter.


Click on the Home button to get back to your Home Page


In the Documents section, you will find all documents that are visible to you (your documents and those that have been shared with you).

Learn more about documents and their statuses in Tracking document progress.

These tabs serve to help you better filter your documents based on their status:

  • All - All visible documents
  • Waiting for others - All documents waiting for action from others
  • Assigned to me - Documents waiting for your action
  • Completed - All completed (=not requiring any further actions) documents
  • Failed - All failed (=rejected, expired, canceled) documents

The buttons on top of them allow you to quickly perform actions with one or more selected documents:

  • Move to … - Move document/s to a different folder
  • Delete - Move your document/s to Trash 
  • Labels - Add labels that help you with filtering and managing your documents or folders
  • Export CSV - Export all documents to a CSV file (Availability: Business and Enterprise)


In the Folders section, you can find all your existing folders and create more folders and subfolders based on your needs.

Find out more about folders in the Document management chapter.

Folders help you organize and manage all your documents. Use action buttons in the top right corner to manage your folders:

    • Create folder - Create a new folder or subfolder
    • Move to … - Move selected document/s to a different folder
    • Delete - Move document/s to the Trash folder
    • Labels - Add labels that help you with filtering and managing your documents or folders
    • Export CSV - Export all documents to a CSV file

Use Drag & Drop to move documents or folders around.


The Templates section is where you can create, edit, and manage your document/eSigning templates and reuse them again whenever you need. 

Learn more about Circularo templates and different ways to use them in the dedicated Templates chapter.


The Drafts section stores all of your unfinished documents that you might want to come back to later. Any document that has been abandoned in progress will be stored in Drafts. Next to the Drafts button, there is a number signifying the total count of unfinished documents. 

There are two buttons in the Drafts menu:

  • Discard drafts - This button will discard all selected documents
  • Delete all drafts - This button will discard all drafts


Starring a document will help you quickly and easily access your most important documents, like those you use often or those that need your attention. Add a star to a document to save it in the Starred section.

The number next to the Starred button indicates how many documents you have given a star. 


The Recent section displays all documents that have been used recently. Switch to Activity Log to see all past actions on any documents visible to you in chronological order.


Documents can be easily shared with both, existing Circularo users (through the app) and external recipients (through an email link). 

More about this in the Sharing and collaboration chapter.

In the Shared section, you will see all shared documents grouped by their ownership and accessibility.

    • Shared by me - Documents shared by you
    • Shared with me - Documents someone else shared with you
    • Public link - Documents you have created public links for

Just like your own documents, you can export all shared documents to a CSV file. Availability: Business and Enterprise


Trash contains all deleted documents. From here, they can be either restored or deleted permanently. 

There are three buttons in the Trash menu:

  • Restore - moves selected document/s back to the Documents section
  • Delete forever - deletes selected document/s from Trash so that they cannot be found or restored later
  • Empty Trash Now - permanently deletes all documents in Trash

Documents stay in Trash unless you move or delete them permanently yourself - they are never deleted automatically.


In the Contacts section, you can see and manage all your contacts, but also specify preferred languages for any external recipients (=people not registered on Circularo), or keep track of the documents you’ve sent to your contacts.

Learn more about Contacts.


Availability: Business and Enterprise

Circularo gives you the option to turn your Advanced Search settings into custom filters to quickly and easily access documents you are looking for - try this with frequently used, important, or otherwise hard to find documents. 

All the filters you have previously created will be shown here in the Filters section. Click on a filter to display search results right away. 

Discover more about Searching and filtering.