Online document verification is an important aspect of eSigning and can be used for various different purposes.

Our own in-house verification page can be a valuable tool in the process of deciding whether to trust a document or not, as it answers many questions you might have before making an informed judgement. 

What can be verified? 

- whether the document contains signatures / electronic certificates or not (its status)
- who signed the document 
- whether the signatures in the document are valid 
- whether the document has been modified since being signed or sealed
- whether a version of the document exists in the Circularo system

Verify via PDF upload

The best way to verify a document is uploading it in a PDF format to the verification tool directly. Uploaded documents are never saved and they only stay in the system for the time necessary to run the verification. 

This direct verification can answer all the questions posed above and is the most reliable way to verify a document. 

Possible outcomes:

Verify via DocID

If you don't have a PDF copy of a document but you know its DocID, you can check if there is a document matching that ID present in our system and what is its status.

Please note that this option can only verify whether a document matching provided ID exists in our system and its status. To guarantee that your version of the document is identical to the one that we register in our system, use the PDF upload verification option.

Possible outcomes: