Using templates

PDF eSigning Templates

After selecting your template, continue by clicking on the Use template button. On the next page, continue by picking one of these two options:

  • Use Template - Continue with the same document on which the template was based originally when first created.

  • Upload File - Upload a new PDF file that will replace the original content of the template. All template settings, such as signatories or fields, will be preserved.

Please note that the position of signing fields in a template is fixed.

When uploading a new PDF document to replace the existing one stored within a PDF eSigning template, keep that in mind. You might need to adjust the positions of the signature fields manually should the uploaded PDF content be different from the original one.

Sign in bulk

If you need to use the template to send a signature request to a large number of recipients, navigate to the dropdown menu and select the Sign in bulk option.

You will be asked to upload a CSV file containing contact details of all the recipients. Email address is a mandatory requirement for this feature to work, names and other details are optional. 

TIP: Export a CSV file from your Contacts

In the next step, organize the data from your CSV file to extract the information you need. 

Then drag and drop the fields to their corresponding places. 

When done, click Next and a copy of the document template will be sent to each recipient as a signature request. 

MS Word Templates

To use a MS Word template, click on Use Template and continue by picking one of these two options:

  • Sign -  The MS Word document will be automatically converted to PDF and you will be taken to the eSigning page.

  • Edit - The document will open in the MS Word online editor where you can edit its content before processing it further.

Only single-role templates can currently be bulk signed. 

MS Word Dynamic eSigning Templates

Once MS Word dynamic eSigning templates are created in the system, they behave as  standard MS Word templates. 

The only difference is that the signature and other fillable field placeholders are already present in the MS Word document itself and their positions will adjust accordingly when you update the content of the document.