Types of templates

In Circularo, templates come in various different formats as well. There are the standard PDF eSigning templates, MS Word templates and MS Word dynamic eSigning templates, as well as custom templates and forms that can be prepared by your organization's administrator.

PDF eSigning Templates

This is the most commonly used type of template, as any PDF document can be saved as a template together with the definition of signing fields and individual signatories.

MS Word Templates

Word documents can, too, be saved as templates for when you want to reuse the content of the document itself, as regular MS Word files cannot be signed unless converted to a PDF format first.  

Editable MS Word templates are great for documents where you usually only change a few lines in the text. By saving the document as a template, you avoid having to upload a new version of it to Circularo every time. 

Dynamic MS Word eSigning Templates

MS Word templates with predefined signing fields and signatory placeholders, the position of which is automatically adjusted as the document’s content is edited. 

Unlike PDF templates, their content can be edited, which is their main benefit. The Word document will automatically convert to PDF when you start the signing process. 

Dynamic MS word templates can only be created and added by your organization’s admin.