Tracking Progress

The Documents section of the menu is where you can check the status of all your documents, see what is in progress, completed, or rejected, and take action accordingly. If you want to learn more about tracking, click here.

Document processing view

Documents can be filtered based on their current status. View documents with a certain status only by clicking on one of the tabs at the top of the page. 

tracking progress

View progress

Each icon indicating the current status of a document doubles as a View progress button. Clicking on it will show you a summary of the document’s processing history and what’s there to do next. 

Contextual action buttons

The default action shown on the button will differ based on the document’s status. Click on the arrow to access a dropdown menu showing you all the other available actions.

Document Preview

Clicking on any document will open its preview, where you can access information about it (panel on the right) and perform more actions on it (black toolbar).