Signatures and Initials

In the Signatures section, you can manage your default signature settings. That includes creating new signatures, adding already created digital signatures, or creating signatures with a Wacom pad. The same is also applicable for your initials.

These are the different ways to add a signature or signature initials:

  • Draw - Use a mouse device to draw your signature.
  • Type - Use the keyboard to type your name.
  • Upload - Drag & drop / upload an image of your signature from your PC. You can choose its transparency (see below).

Enable biometric signing via Wacom tablet

Availability: Business and Enterprise

If you have your own Wacom pad and want to use it to create your signature, go to your Preferences and enable this option in the Signatures tab by switching the toggle next “Enable biometric signing via Wacom tablet” to YES.

After doing that, you will start seeing a Use Wacom pad option on the Create signature card.

Available action for signatures and initials

Upload your signature & Set transparency

  1. Upload an image of your signature, initials or stamp
  2. Crop & Save
  3. Edit
  4. Use the slider to set a level of transparency.
  5. Save