Organizing and sharing documents

These short videos will show you document management capabilities Circularo offers on top of eSigning. We explain some of the most useful tools, where to find them, and how to use them.

Organizing documents in folders

This video explains how to make use of folders and folder structures, as well as starring documents and deleting them to keep yourself and your work organized.

Labels, filters, and advanced search

Apart from folders, Circularo gives you many other tools to help you store your documents and organize them neatly. In this video, we explain how Labels work in Circularo, and how to create a custom filter using Advanced search.

Secure document sharing

In Circularo, you can share documents for other people to view or edit them, and tools to make sure that the documents are delivered to their intended recipients only. There are multiple ways of sharing documents.

  • Sharing as an email attachment, using "Send by Mail" 
  • Share with selected recipients the Share feature with the option to protect the document with a password, SMS or email code, or 3rd party authorization
  • Sharing with anyone using a public share link

In part 2, you will learn how to share a document via @mentions in comments as well as how to access and manage your shared documents.