Enable notifications to be informed about the status of your documents and any actions or changes being made with them. The app offers two different types of notifications. These options can be combined.

Notifications settings can be changed in your account preferences.

Notifications are divided into these following sections related to actions, processes, and documents:

Document lifecycle changes

In this section it is possible to set up notifications regarding the document’s life cycle changes.

  • Document reminder
  • New Document
  • Document Archived
  • Document Commented

Sign related

In this section, you can choose to be notified about different sign related events.

  • Document signed
  • Shared for signing
  • Shared document seen
  • Signature rejected
  • Share canceled
  • Sign completed (your document)
  • Sign completed (someone else's document)
  • Document delegated


In this section, you will find notifications related to document expiration and reminders regarding shared documents.

  • Share reminder
  • Document you shared will expire soon
  • Document shared with you will expire soon
  • A document that you shared with someone else has expired

Sharing related

This section is dedicated to sharing documents for viewing only.

  • Share for view
  • Share seen

My activity

In this section, you can choose to receive notifications related to your activity and activity on your documents. 

  • Your document was delegated
  • Signature rejected (your document)
  • Signed by you

Related to my account

This section has notifications for being mentioned in a comment by another user and having rights added to your account by the admin.

  • Mention
  • Rights added

Notifications are displayed in application and in email as well.

  • App - yellow window displayed on the right side
  • Email - notification sent to your email inbox

Circularo Business and other more advanced editions give you the option to change the standard look and feel of email notifications to match the organization’s brand, as well as to use custom email identity, which means notifications can be sent via your mail server and from your own domain.

Disable notification popup alerts

New notifications will automatically pop up in the bottom right corner of your app. Here you can disable this feature if you want to.