Here you can see the complete list of members in your organization and the account status of each member.

Available actions

To manage the members of your organization, hover your cursor over a member's name and an action button with a dropdown will appear, showing you the available actions. 


Suspended members cannot log into the Circularo app and can be reactivated at any time. Suspended members also count towards the user limit specified in your subscription plan, if you have one - fees still apply. 

If you want to delete a member permanently, use the Delete user option instead.

Set to Active

This is the option to reactivate the account of a previously suspended member.

When set to Active, they will be able to log into their app again and access all their documents and other data stored there. 

Switch role to Admin

This will give the selected member Admin rights.

It will not affect your own Admin rights - there can be an unlimited number of Admins in one organization and they all have the same rights and authority. 

Switch role to Member

This button will take away the access to Administration from the selected user. 

Please note that other Admins also have the right to demote you to a Member. Choose Admins carefully.

Delete user

Select this option if you want to permanently delete someone from your organization. Unlike Suspended members, deleted members' accounts will be removed permanently from Circularo along with all their data and they cannot be restored. 

When deleting a user, you will be given the option to transfer their documents and signing responsibilities to another member of your choice so that progress isn't lost with the deleted account. 

If you choose not to transfer documents, all documents created by the deleted user will also be deleted. 

Invite new members

Click the green Invite new members button if you want to add more members to your organization. 

Here you can send email invitations to potential members to join your organization and start using Circularo. All you need to do is fill out their email address, name, and assign a role (Member or Admin). 

Potential members who have not yet accepted your invitation to set up a Circularo account will show up in your list of members with an Invited status. 

Account status

Account status indicates what each member can and cannot do in Circularo. You can filter your organization's members by status. 

Member's account status can be:

  • Active - Can log into Circularo and use it. Licence fees apply.
  • Suspended - Cannot log into Circularo. Licence fees apply.
  • Invited - Has received an invitation but has yet to activate their account. Licence fees don't apply until activation. 

Deleted members are removed from the list and Circularo overall completely and licence fees don't apply to them.