Managing Templates

All of your templates can be found in the Templates section of the menu, where you can group and organize them into different categories for better navigation.

Right click on a template to access a contextual menu with available actions. 

You have the option to switch between Grid View and Table View when browsing through your templates. 

In Grid View, you will get a quick thumbnail overview of all templates while Table View shows you the type of roles/signatories and other participants of the eSigning workflow, both internal and external.

Preview Templates

By clicking on a template, the template preview screen will appear. You can view the content of the template and select actions from the menu above.

Available Actions

Change Category

By default all the templates are saved to the “root” folder of the Template library without any template category assigned.

If you would like to add or change the Category of your template, follow these steps.

  1. Select already created template 
  2. Right-click on a template and choose Change category, from where you will be redirected to the Change category window. Alternatively, select this action from a dropdown menu.
  3. In the Change category window, you can create a New Category or choose from already existing categories. By clicking on Move, your template will be moved to your desired category.

Edit template

Easily make any modifications that are necessary for an existing template (workflow participants, names and roles of signatories, signature and other fields placeholders, what’s mandatory or optional etc.).

  1. Right-click on the template you need to change and select Edit.
  2. You will then be able to edit all important parameters and details as if you were creating a new template.