Issue: Unable to convert document to PDF

Unfortunately, sometimes it may happen that Circularo cannot convert a particular document to PDF from a different format (MS Word or Excel file, image, etc.). There can be a few different causes for this, some of which may be an issue on our side and some can be caused by the document itself. 

Why this may happen?

Temporary issues

Nobody and nothing is perfect and while we are doing our best to eliminate any possible complications, sometimes there may just be a temporary outage or server overload on our side. 

Complicated document

if your document is very long and/or contains many different constructions (tables, lists, graphs, etc.), the system can at times have trouble converting it properly.

Libre Office incompatibility

Our PDF conversion is powered by Libre Office and while it usually does not make a difference, some parts of traditional MS Office documents may not be compatible. 

Solution suggestions

Sometimes, simply giving it another try will work. If you have tried to convert your document multiple times and the issue remains, here are some simple solutions.

Save as PDF

If you are working with MS Word which you have installed on your PC, the easiest way is to save your document as a PDF in the first place which will eliminate the conversion step altogether.

To do that, open your document in MS Word (Excel, etc...), click on File, then Save As, and choose PDF from the offer in the dropdown menu.

Use our MS Office add-ins

Again, if you have MS Office, having our add-ins installed will provide you with an option to send your documents directly to Circularo.

Find out more about our add-ins here.

Use an online 3rd party PDF converter

There are many different websites that will allow you to convert any document or file to pdf online and for free. This is a good solution when your document is not a MS Office one or if you don't have MS Office installed in your PC.