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Signing documents electronically

Watch video demonstrations of the main eSigning use cases in Circularo.

Add your signature

Adding your own signature to a document is the basis for most other actions in Circularo.

The Sign Now option is optimal whenever you have a document that only requires your signature for the signing process to be finalized. That might mean the document has already been pre-signed by other parties, or maybe you are the sole signatory.

Watch this step by step video tutorial to learn how to easily sign such documents in Circularo with secure and verifiable digital signatures.

Sign together with others

When you need to sign a document first and then request a signature from another party or multiple parties (or vice versa), use the We Sign option in Circularo.

This video shows you how to prepare all the relevant fields for yourself and other signatories that are to be filled in during the signing process, and how to successfully send out the document.

If you have a document that needs to be signed by other people but not yourself, send it to the relevant parties using the They Sign button.

It allows you to prepare the document by placing all the fields to be filled in by the signatories, set the signing order as well as rights, deadlines, and protections, and send it to its recipients. This video shows you how to do that.

Processing a signature request

Unlike the videos above, this is a tutorial on what to do when you are not the creator/sender of the document but have received a document along with a signature request from another user in your Inbox.

Here's step-by-step on how to either sign or reject the document.

Merge and sign multiple documents

Signing multiple documents at once in Circularo is easy but they need to be merged into one PDF file first. This video will show you how to merge and sign multiple documents at the same time and how to separate them from the merged document afterwards.

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