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Shared Folders

Availability: Business and Enterprise edition

The Shared Folders section is where you can create your own structure of folders and subfolders that are by default visible to everyone in your organization (with both View and Edit rights).

You can also make any folder you create private and then add a specific user or a group of users with either View or Edit rights to that folder. Any document or folder uploaded or created in the folder will automatically inherit the same rights from that parent folder.

Any changes to the rights to the parent folder will be automatically propagated to all the subfolders including the documents.

It is possible to grant explicit View and Edit rights to any particular document, overriding the folder settings. Those explicitly set document rights will be preserved even when the folder rights are changed.


Organization members with View rights can access the folder, upload and download files and create subfolders but cannot rename, move or delete the folder.


Members with Edit rights can rename, move or delete the folder.

Entire folders cannot be shared with external recipients outside of your organization. Members can only share selected documents within a folder that way.

Shared folders

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