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Share a Document

Circularo Users

To access the Share option, right-click a document or by pick Share from the dropdown menu of available actions. Internal recipients (existing Circularo users within your organization) can then view or edit shared documents, depending on the rights you grant to each user.


View or edit

You can also set the document’s expiration date in the Share dialog in Advanced settings.

Advanced settings

Enable expiration: When enabled and set to a specific date, the document won’t be accessible to the recipients after its expiration date. Any required action needs to be done before the document expires.

Access expiration

External recipients

Sharing documents with external recipients can be done in the same way as with registered Circularo users. There are, however, a few differences in security settings and in managing already shared documents.


Recipient identity verification

Share settings

Password protected

The system offers the option to specify a password. This password can then be shared with the external recipients in question via a different channel or can be mutually agreed upon in advance.

SMS protected

Availability: Business and Enterprise

You fill in the recipient's phone number. Once the document is sent, the recipient receives a text message with a PIN code to unlock the document. They won’t be able to access the document without entering the PIN code.

Mail protection

An email OTP feature. When the Mail protection toggle is set to Yes, external recipients would not be able to open the document without verifying their email and entering the verification code.

3rd party application authorization

Choose a third-party app such as Google, Microsoft, or LinkedIn, and ask the recipient to verify their identity through their account with OAuth.

External recipients cannot edit documents. Any documents shared outside of Circularo can only be shared for viewing.

Share - edit

Apart from sharing via email, Circularo allows users to share documents by creating public links. Using a public link grants access to the document to anyone who has a valid link.

To create a public link, click on Create a link on the bottom of the Share dialog. You will then see a “Anyone with the link can view this document” message and a Copy link button next to it. After clicking the button, simply paste/Ctrl+V the link wherever you want.

To remove a public link, click on the X next to the Copy link button. This will invalidate the link and anyone who had the link previously won’t be able to access the document anymore.

Public link - remove

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