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Place Fields

After choosing the recipients and setting their rights and responsibilities, you will be taken to a page where you can place signing and other fields.


On the left side of the page, you will find a toolbox containing a variety of signing fields available to yourself and other recipients. These can be placed by clicking on them or dragging and dropping them onto the document.

You can then reposition all of the elements dragged from the toolbox to place them neatly onto their correct spots in the document.

Switch between recipients by clicking on their name. When placing fields for other recipients, you can also add a comment to any signing element by clicking on the message icon.

Copy & paste fields

Copy and paste fields onto the document using the common Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V shortcuts. This is especially useful for documents requiring multiple signatures.

Signature fields

Signature fields are all fields acting as a signature, containing an electronic certificate. Following signature fields are currently available:

Wacom Signature

Availability: Business and Enterprise

Wacom biometric signatures are created using Wacom signature pads. Before using them to sign your documents, you need to install all the required Wacom device drivers.


Drag the Signature field onto the document and your default signature saved in your Preferences will be added. You can change the signature by clicking on the signature field and selecting the Change signature option on the right hand side directly during the signing process.

If you don't have any default saved, you will be taken directly to the signature designing dialog.

Change signature

You have the option to either Draw, Type, Upload, or use a Wacom pad to design your signature. The newly created signature can also be immediately saved as your default.


Your default initials saved in Preferences will be added to the document. You can change the initials by clicking on the signature field and selecting the Change signature option.


You can either Draw, Type, Upload, or Use a Wacom pad to design your initials and place them on the document.


The default stamp saved in your Preferences will be added to the document. You can change the stamp by clicking on the stamp field and choosing the Change stamp option.

You can either choose from saved stamps or design a new one.

It is not possible to edit existing stamps in the eSigning mode.
To edit a stamp, go to Stamps in your Preferences.


Learn more about signatures and stamps.

Click on a Signature field to access more options at the top of the page.

  • Required - When a field is marked as Required, the recipient won’t be allowed to continue the signing process without filling it in (when signing documents with other users)

  • Multipage - Allows adding a field to all pages or custom pages of the document (for documents containing more than one page)

  • Add Timestamp - Adds a timestamp to the signature or initials.

  • Custom ID - If processing the document via API, you have the option to add a custom field ID to be able to find and locate the field later. 

  • Change signature (initials, stamp) - Allows you to change the type, style, color, and size of your signature/initials or to select a different stamp from your saved ones.

  • Remove - Removes selected signature, initials, or stamp from the document.


Panel with additional options

Fillable fields

Aside from signing fields, Circularo offers many different types of fillable fields that can be placed on a document and filled in during the signing process to collect details from signatories that might be required to successfully complete the sign-off.

Some of these fields will already apprear pre-filled with information saved in Circularo.
For registered users, it’s the details they fill in about themselves in their Accounts. For external recipients saved as Contacts, they can be filled in their contact details.

The automatically pre-filled fields include:

  • Company - the name of the company the recipient works for

  • Job Title - their official job title

  • Name - full name

  • Mail - email address

  • Phone - phone number

The content of pre-filled fields can be changed during the signing process by the recipient the fields is assigned to.

Other fillable fields include:

  • Text - type in text of any length, multiple lines are supported

  • Date - select a date from the calendar

  • Current date - date when this field was added with the option to include time as well

  • Check - select values by ticking checkboxes

  • Radio button - create a number of unique options and let recipients select one of them to indicate their choice or answer

  • Link - insert clickable links leading to websites or other documents

  • Metadata - embed selected metadata directly into the document for improved transparency

  • List - create a custom dropdown menu from which the recipient can select one option

  • Comb field - an adjustable, single-line text field for filling in box forms where each character goes in a separate box

  • Image - you or the recipient can upload an image

  • QR code - place a QR code on the document (not available for external recipients) Availability: Business and Enterprise

  • Document ID - add a unique DocID containing a verification link anyone can use to check the authenticity and integrity of the document and the signatures within

Most fillable fields allow you to define their font, size, text color, and background color.

Multiple fields can be selected at once by holding the Shift or Command key and aligned together horizontally or vertically on the document.

Text field

You are able to add multiple lines-long text to the document by clicking on the text field and defining the number of lines on the top of the page. The textbox size will adjust accordingly.

This is useful when preparing the text field to be filled in by the recipient and defining the number of lines for them.

Text - multilines

Circularo offers full support for the Arabic language and left-to-right writing in text fields. It is even possible to add bilingual text that combines English and Arabic writing if needed.

Bilingual text

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