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Searching and Filtering

In this chapter, you will learn how to search for documents with ease and filter out content using advanced search filters.

Basic Search

Basic search will be done in a local context by default (in your opened folder, your inbox, your sent documents...). To search through all documents in the system, use the Search everywhere button on the top of the page.

Search everywhere

Basic search looks for matches in all metadata values in all documents.

Advanced Search

Advanced search allows you to find documents based on specific values. It can be accessed by clicking the arrow on the right side of the search bar.

Advanced search

Following search fields can be used and combined to search for any document.

  • Keyword - Look up documents containing a specific word

  • Status - Find documents based on their status

  • Labels - Search for documents that have a certain label attached to them

  • File type - Filter out specific format types.

  • In progress more than - Search for documents based on the period of time they have been pending for so far

Date - Find documents based on a specific date, choose from following options:

  • Created

  • Signed

  • Rejected

  • Request expiry

  • Completed

  • Document validity

  • Seen

  • Sent

  • From

  • To

User - Find files related to a specific user, choose from:

  • Created by

  • To be signed by

  • Signed by

  • Shared by

  • Rejected by


Availability: Business and Enterprise

Save your most common search settings as a filter to easily access the search results repeatedly in the future.

Add a filter

  • Specify your search criteria using the options available in the Advanced Search.

  • Use the Save as Filter button and name the filter.


The search results will be displayed and the newly created filter will be added to the Action menu on the left.

Once the filter is added, searching for documents based on that specific criteria becomes easy and fast as the results are displayed by simply clicking on the filter name.

Edit, rename & remove a filter

You can edit, rename, or delete a filter by clicking on the small + icon on the right hand side of the filter name.

Filter - actions

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