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Processing documents on mobile

This is a step-by-step guide on how to process requests and sign documents on your mobile device.

If someone sends you a document signature request in Circularo, you will find it in your Inbox. Click on the document to open its preview.

Like in the PC version, processes run in the background on mobile as well. Continue your work in Circularo while your document is being processed.


To sign (accept, approve, review...), delegate, or reject the document, click on the three-dot symbol in the top right corner of your screen and a list of options will open.

Available actions

Sign a document

If you want to sign the document, click on the three dot symbol in your preview and then choose Sign from your list of options.

You will be guided to fill in all the fields that are required. Some of the fields may be pre-filled with your details already stored in Circularo (name, e-mail, etc.).

Add signature

When you click on the signature field, your default signature will be added.

If you want to change it, tap on the field again and you will be given the option to draw or type a new signature.

Change signature

After you have filled in all the fields and added your signature, click Finish and you are done.

Delegate a document

Just like on PC, you can delegate the document to someone else to sign it on your behalf.

Click on the three dot icon in the top right corner and select Delegate.

Then select who is going to receive the document request instead of you and optionally leave them a message.


Reject a document

You can also reject to sign the document from your mobile device. To do so, click on the three dot icon in the document preview and select the Reject option.

You will be given a chance to leave a comment for the sender before rejecting the document.

Reject with comment

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