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This part of your Home Page briefly shows you the stats about your documents and how they’re being processed. Each card represents the number of documents falling into a given category.

  • Assigned to me - documents waiting for your action

  • Waiting for others - documents waiting for someone else to take action

  • Completed - documents that don’t require any further action

  • Approaching deadline - documents close to their processing deadlines

A document is Completed once it has been successfully signed or approved by all participants and doesn’t require any further action.

A document is considered Failed if it hasn’t been successfully processed by all participants.
This can happen in 3 ways:

  1. The sender cancels their request during the process

  2. Someone rejects the document

  3. Someone fails to meet the processing deadline

When sending a document to other users along with an action request, the sender can set a processing deadline for the recipients. After the deadline passes, the document gains Expired status and cannot be accessed anymore.

The default Expires soon status threshold is set to 3 days before the request expires.


Clicking on each of the scorecard statistics will direct you to the relevant tab with specific document status.

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