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MS Word Templates

Word documents can, too, be saved as templates. Although every document is converted to PDF upon starting the signing process, the main benefit of MS Word templates is that, unlike PDFs, their content can be edited before using the template.

Regular MS Word Templates

Simple MS Word templates are great for documents where you usually only need to change a few lines in the text. Their content shouldn’t be edited heavily, for that purpose take a look at Dynamic MS Word Templates below.

Any user can create these templates themselves in Circularo. By saving the document as a template, you can avoid having to upload a new version of it to Circularo every time you need to use it.

Dynamic MS Word eSigning Templates

Dynamic MS Word Templates are Word templates with predefined signature and other fillable fields, the position of which is automatically adjusted as the document’s content is edited.

Their content can be fully edited without breaking the structure of the template, which is their main benefit. The Word document will automatically convert to PDF when you start the signing process.

Dynamic Word templates are created using the JSON notation embedded in standard MS Word shapes tools. This needs to be done prior to uploading the template to Circularo.

Creating MS Word Templates

Availability: Business and Enterprise

Upon uploading or selecting an existing MS Word document stored in Circularo, you can rename it and Save it as a template.

Make sure to select Save instead of Continue, otherwise the document will be converted to PDF.

Save template

You will be notified that a new template has been created and you will be able to sort it into a category.

Set category

Optionally, you can choose existing or create a new template category.

Change category

Using MS Word Templates

To use a MS Word template, click on Use Template and continue by picking one of these two options:

  • Sign - The MS Word document will be converted to PDF and you will be taken to the eSigning page.

  • Edit - The document will open in the MS Word online editor where you can edit its content before processing it further.

MS Word Templates

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