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How can I authenticate the recipients of my documents?

There are four methods for authenticating external recipients:

  • Password

  • SMS OTP verification

  • Email OTP verification

  • UAE Pass

Password - You create a custom password and give it to the recipient via any viable means (in person, call, chat...). The recipient will then have to use the password to access the document you sent them. 

SMS and Email - You enter the recipient's phone number or email, they will then receive a text message or an email containing an automatically generated one-time password to access the document. 

UAE Pass - The external recipients authenticate themselves with their UAE Pass account. 

The recipient's email address you are using must be the same email they have connected with their UAE Pass account for the UAE Pass verification to work.

There are no other options for external recipient authentication and as such, if you don’t choose any of these options, the document will be accessible by anyone with access to the recipient’s email inbox.

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