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Hidden IP addresses and Locations

To further protect user privacy, Circularo allows you to hide IP addresses and locations in public records, such as Audit Trails or the Verification Page. This feature can be configured as part of your organization's settings, providing flexibility to adhere to your privacy standards.

If a document or Audit Trail says “IPs and locations were hidden in this document”, it is because the organization administrator has requested to hide them.

Where Can IP Addresses and Locations Be Hidden?

If the Hide IPs and locations feature is enabled, it will show in the following places:

  • PDF Document Itself

  • Verification Page

  • Audit Trail / Certificate of Fulfilment

  • Signature Detail

It is important to note that IP addresses and locations cannot be hidden in the Audit Log. This log will always display complete information for compliance and security reasons.

How to Enable This Feature

This feature is available as an extra add-on for customers with the Circularo Enterprise plan. If you are interested, please contact our sales team to discuss your options.

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