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Folders and Subfolders

Folders and subfolders help you to better organize your documents into different categories according to their intended purpose.

By default, Folders are private. All documents stored in the private folders are not visible to anyone apart from the owner unless explicitly shared.

You can create an unlimited number of new folders and subfolders according to your needs.

Create a folder

To create a folder, go to the Folders section of the menu and use the Create folder button in the folder navigation in the top left corner or the Create folder green button in the top right corner.

Create Folder

A New Folder window will pop up, asking you to name your new folder. After doing so, continue by clicking on the green Create Folder button and you’re done.

New Folder

Delete folder

To delete a folder, click on it with your right mouse button and choose Delete, or select it and then click Delete on the top of the screen.

Delete folder

Download folder

Download the entire selected folder with everything it contains as a ZIP file.

Download folder

Move folder

Freely move one or more folders with their contents (subfolders and documents) into another folder of your choice.

Move folder

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