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eDoc Templates

eDoc Templates

An eDdoc template is an HTML page that converts to a PDF. As opposed to the PDF templates and MS Word templates, his template type is fully dynamic, meaning the layout of the document adjusts automatically based on its content.

This offers greater flexibility than any other template available in Circularo and makes these templates incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

edoc 2.png

eDocs are interactive documents that don’t require manual field placement

Key benefits of eDoc templates

  • Interactive Documents: eDoc templates generate interactive documents that can include custom workflows and even basic mathematical formulas. For example, the document can automatically calculate the final price based on the price per unit and the number of units the user enters.

  • Flexible Signatures: Unlike regular Circularo templates, eDoc templates don't follow the usual workflow. They don’t require any fields to be placed manually and even signatures can be added automatically, bypassing the regular signing process.

  • Fully editable: Compared to other types of templates Circularo supports, eDoc templates offer by far the least limitations when it comes to editing.

  • Pre-prepared: You tell us what you want and our team will create a template tailored for you!


eDoc templates bypass the regular template signing process and can be accessed from the Homepage directly

Available as add-on

Due to their complex nature, regular users cannot create their own interactive documents directly in the Circularo app (unlike PDF or MS Word templates). eDocs are almost exclusively prepared by our team based on our customer’s unique requests.

If you are interested in using eDoc templates, please contact our Sales team for more information and pricing details.

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