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Update your personal details and set your account preferences here.

Preferences - Account


  • Name - the name you have entered during your registration. It can be changed at any time

  • Email - the email address you have registered your account with. It cannot be changed

  • Phone - your phone number can be filled in by the admin during the account’s creation or you can add or change it yourself

All of these will be automatically pre-filled in the corresponding fields when signing a document.


  • Language - You will receive email notifications and see your Circularo interface in the language you pick here

  • Timezone - will be detected automatically or can be set manually. Specify your timezone so that correct time can be displayed in app and in your email notifications

  • First day of week - specify the first day of your week according to your country’s customs. This setting will be reflected in the calendar design

  • Date format - select your preferred date format (dd/mm/yyyy etc.)

  • Time format - select your preferred time format (AM/PM vs. 24-hour)



  • Company name

  • Job title

Both of these will also be automatically pre-filled in their corresponding fields when signing a document.


Here you can check how much storage you are currently using, what percentage of your overall available storage space you have left, and what is the maximum size of an uploaded file allowed for your account.

Reset intros

Click on this button if you want to go through the introduction to Circularo process again. Welcome to Circularo window will pop up once you return to your Home Page.

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