General overview

Home Page

Similarly to the PC version of Circularo, your Home Page is the first thing you will see after logging into the app on mobile and it shows you the main features, as well as a simple overview of your documents.

Mobile home page

The three main features of the mobile app are:


Scan a document with your phone camera, upload it to Circularo, and sign it later if you want to.


Upload or capture a document from your smartphone and sign it straight away.


Access the documents you have stored in Circularo from your mobile device.

Sidebar menu

Again, just like in Circularo for desktop, the mobile app has its own version of the Action Menu. It can be accessed by clicking on the three lines symbol at the top of your screen.

Sidebar menu

You can quickly access different categories of your documents from here just like in Circularo for PC.


Your Inbox contains all documents requiring your attention. Unopened documents will show with yellow background and open ones will have a white background, so you can easily see what's new.


By swiping left on any document, additional actions will appear. 

Swipe options