Document Preview

By clicking on a document anywhere in the app, you will be shown its Preview. Here you can preview the content of most of the common document types such as PDF and MS Office documents, images, and others.

Circularo supports the preview of following document types:

  • eDoc - Circularo document
  • PDF - application/pdf
  • IMAGE - all standard image formats (jpg, png, gif…)
  • TEXT - text/plain
  • HTML - text/html
  • CSV - text/csv
  • VIDEO - all standard video formats (mpeg, mp4, flv, ogg…)
  • AUDIO - all standard video formats (mp3, ogg, wav…)
  • MS-OFFICE & Open Office (all well-known formats like xls, xlsx, doc, docx, ppt, pptx etc.).

On the right hand side, you will see your document's Detail, where you can find basic information about the file. Then you can view if the document has any Comments, or add some yourself. Last but not least, the Activity tab displays the entire history of the document in a chronological order. 


Availability: Business and Enterprise

Here you can view, add, and download additional files attached to the document.

When signing the document with another Circularo Business or Enterprise user, they will be able to see all the attached files in their app as well. 


Availability: Business and Enterprise

Here you can view all documents linked (related) to the document you are previewing, as well as create or remove links.

Preview Toolbar

When hovering your mouse cursor over the document in preview, a black strip with different icons will appear. That’s the Preview Toolbar, which contains various tools to make screening the content of the document easier for you and also several action buttons. 

These are the actions available in the preview toolbar: 

The description of each icon becomes visible when you hover your mouse over the icon. The icon/action selection can differ by Circularo subscription plan.

Previous page

Moves your view one page up (if the document has more than one page).

Next page

Moves your view one page down (if the document has more than one page).

Zoom out

Preview seems to be smaller.

Zoom to fit width 

Widens the preview to its maximum width.

Default zoom 

Appears instead of Zoom to fit width after you have zoomed in or out. Clicking on Default zoom restores the page to its original view.

Zoom in

Preview seems to be bigger.


Rotates the view by 90°.


Document will be automatically downloaded to your PC.


Print dialog will be opened.


If you want to find a specific word within the document, use fulltext search to look for keywords. 


Availability: Business and Enterprise

Users can add text, highlight any text in the document, or draw shapes and lines during the document preview.

This feature is useful and time-saving for the participants of the document’s creation and signing process, since they are now able to communicate their suggestions and objections to each other clearly, easily, and without having to reject the document first.

Keep in mind that every time you annotate a PDF document, the annotation will become a part of the PDF file and cannot be removed! 

Different annotation options become visible upon clicking on Annotations at the bottom of the page.‌

There are many customization options available when adding annotations such as font, color, or text alignment.

Toggle thumbnails

Page thumbnails can be turned on to make the navigation across multi-page documents easier. That way, you can quickly find the page you are looking for.