Circularo provides users with the ability to annotate a document to let its creator know their thoughts on it. There are several different types of annotations in Circularo available in different stages of a document's life cycle. 

Keep in mind that every time you annotate a PDF document, the annotation will become a part of the PDF file and cannot be removed! 

Annotations in preview

Availability: Business and Enterprise

Users can add text, highlight any text in the document, or draw shapes and lines during the document preview.

This feature is useful and time-saving for the participants of the document’s creation and signing process, since they are now able to communicate their suggestions and objections to each other clearly, easily, and without having to reject the document first.

Different annotation options become visible upon clicking on Annotations at the bottom of the page.‌


There are many customization options available when adding annotations such as font, color, or text alignment.

Customization options

Annotations on rejection

Availability: Business and Enterprise

Circularo offers the option to annotate a document when rejecting to sign it. Annotation in the rejection step must be allowed by the document’s creator, this can be done in the review step before sending out the document.

Annotate on reject

The recipient will then see the the option to reject with annotations.

Annotations during eSigning

You are able to annotate a document during the signing process using the text field.

Senders can add multiple lines-long text to the document by clicking on the text field and defining the number of lines on the top of the page. The textbox size will adjust accordingly.

This is useful when preparing text fields for the recipients and defining the number of lines for them. 

Circularo offers full support for the Arabic language and left-to-right writing in all text fields and annotations.

It is even possible to add bilingual text that combines English and Arabic writing if needed.